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Proudly presented by The Face Paint Lady

They err who think Santa Claus enters through the chimney.
He enters through the heart. 
- C. W. Howard

North Pole Syracuse

The most sought after Santa and Mrs. Claus in Central New York, providing a truly magical experience your child will remember for a lifetime. The FPL North Pole Team is sure to help keep the magic alive for years to come!

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Incredible. You are amazing! Absolutely the best we have ever seen!


Amazing. Just fantastic. Ted Quinn, Channel 9

Authenticity is beyond expectations. The magic that is brought by this group is amazing!!! If your looking for the real deal, this is it. Not many will come close to bring what they bring. PERFECTION! 

-Joshua D

Truly phenomenal.  🥰❤️These people pour their heart and soul into this & it shows. I got confused because for a few moments I FORGOT it wasn’t "real!" I cannot recommend them enough.

-Kayleigh W

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By far our most popular service! This enchanting visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus is a fully personalized experience! Watch the children's surprise as they find out that Santa really does know everything about them!

This cozy visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus includes:

At least 30 minutes of visit time (but can stay up to 1 hour), Meet and greet, Photo opp with children and family, Santa's Show and Tell with interesting and magical items from the North Pole, Mrs. Claus's Story Time with a NEW magical storybook,  Candy and small goodies for the children from Mrs. Claus's basket, Individual "Talk Time" with Santa and Mrs Claus to discuss their Christmas wishes, strengths and accomplishments, Viewing of their own names and other tidbits on our exciting 10 foot long Naughty and Nice List!

Optional: Santa can deliver gifts! (You provide). Just stash the wrapped, labeled gifts outside and Santa will slip them in his sack before entering.​

*Small groups only

*You will be asked for special information after booking to ensure a fully personalized, magical experience. 



SANTA'S HOLIDAY PARTY APPEARANCE  (Home, Business, Neighborhood)

Everyone wants a Santa at their Christmas party, so why not have the BEST Santa available? 

Holiday Party Appearance books by the hour and includes:

Grand entrance with Santa and Mrs Claus, Meet and Greet/ Photo Opp/ Viewing of children's names on the Nice List, Handing out of gifts, if desired (you provide), Small goodies from Mrs. Claus's basket.

Discounts for weekday evenings!

​Flexibility. Want Santa to accompany the kids on a sleigh ride? Or lead them in a parade? Whatever you need, we've got you covered! 

$190 per hour



Our North Pole Elves can't wait to help your little ones get all prepared for Santa's Big Night. This adorable package is a great way to celebrate a milestone, congratulate good behavior, or just to add a little magic and secure a spot on Santa's Nice List! 

Includes 30 minute visit with two of Santa's head elves, Meet and greet, Photo opp for children and family, Games, stories, crafts and activities, A personalized letter from Santa himself, Candy Canes and stickers for the children. 

You will be asked for special information after booking to ensure a fully personalized, magical experience!


This package goes hand in hand with the Santa's Surprise Visit! Imagine how exciting when the children write a letter to Santa for the elves to bring home to the North Pole, and Santa comes back two days later with that same letter in his hands! Book both for a magical experience like no other!


​Santa's elves have finally set up an elf cam in the North Pole! Your child can enjoy a short (about 10 min) video chat with Santa Claus. Children will be able to ask questions, share wishes, and chat with Santa himself from the North Pole Library!  Information collected from you beforehand enhances the call and helps create a magical, memorable experience. 



Santa and Mrs Claus can appear virtually at your party! Children will enjoy a minimum of 30 minutes (but up to 1 hour), just like in our famous home visits, from the safety of your electronic device. Activities include stories, songs, viewing of names on the Nice List, North Pole Show and Tell, and more! Invite grandparents, friends, and family members from anywhere in the world to join! Information collected from you beforehand enhances the call and helps create a magical, memorable experience. 



Bring some of the magic of the workshop to your home or event! Children can make and keep a stuffed animal friend, under the guidance and instruction of our beloved Santa and Mrs. Claus! Santa will wear his workshop outfit, and fill his sack with everything needed to help kids make their own lovable stuffed friend! Wishes, games, coloring sheets and a story with Mrs. Claus included. ​

​Not into stuffed animals? Ask us about wood craft toys, ornaments or other make-and-keep options!

​Prices vary depending on how many are attending, Please inquire. 


Not having a party? Add individual stuffed animal workshop to your Santa's Surprise Visit for only $25 per child!


Enjoy a quick visit with one of our jolly north pole characters as they deliver this exciting activity right to your doorstep! Complete kit to make a beloved North Pole Stuffie includes an unstuffed stuffie, enough fluff to stuff, wishing heart, birth certificate, coloring pages, and a personalized note from Santa himself, all in a cute carrying box!


$25 off when you order two to the same delivery address, $50 off when you order 3! 


Tree lightings! Parades! Photos with Santa! Breakfast with Santa!  

Our Santa and Mrs Claus are experienced performers with bold, custom made costumes for that eye catching, larger-than-life appearance needed for busy public events. 

Discounts for weekday evenings!

Book Santa and Mrs, or bring the entire North Pole Team for a magical event they will never forget! 

​Price varies, please inquire


Imagine their delight when your children catch Santa in the act on Christmas Eve! ​Stage yourselves and your children to catch Santa delivering gifts and stuffing their stockings (you provide items) and eating the cookies they left for him, while "secretly" taking photos and videos to cherish for years to come! The children can enjoy a cookie with Santa if you choose, but only if they promise to stay in bed!10 minutes only. This magical surprise is only available on Christmas Eve from 9:30-midnight.



​Children can be North Pole Pen Pals with Santa and Mrs Claus in this delightful North Pole Syracuse exclusive package! Your child can exchange letters with the North Pole and receive personal, handwritten replies. Package includes 4 personalized letters from the North Pole mailed to your child (one each week of December), special surprises in each letter, beautifully handwritten on premium card or paperstock, signed in pen and ink calligraphy and sealed with an official North Pole wax seal. 

This adorable new package encourages reading, writing, patience, communication, and is just plain magical! 

$75 plus shipping for one month's correspondence (4 letters,1 per week in December) 


The same great quality face painting and balloon twisting you expect from the FPL, Santa-fied! Our talented elves can paint and twist a variety of holiday themed designs for boys, girls, even grownups! Invite our face painting and balloon twisting elves for the merriest holiday party this side of the North Pole! 

Package includes: Two professionally costumed elves, straight from Santa's Workshop, Face painting and balloon twisting for about 15 children per hour, Candy canes and stickers for the children.

Face Painting Elf $125 per hour 

Balloon Twisting Elf $125 per hour 

Discounted rate for Both: $225

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What makes OUR Santa the BEST Santa in Central New York?

**NO Costume Suits! Our beautiful, custom-made garments stand out above bagged costume suits. 

    Fabulous outfits for Santa and Mrs Claus! Choose Santa's traditional red coat or Santa's workshop attire!
**NO Cheap Beards and NO scraggly grayish yellow whiskers! Our Santa's beautiful real beard /designer beard combo adheres to the traditional, historical look of Santa Claus and mimics the extravagant beard style used in Hollywood and visual media. 
**Free candy canes and other small goodies for the children from Mrs. Claus's basket.

**Our locally famous "Magical Mrs. Claus," who can convince even the shyest child to visit with Santa!
**Authenticity! Our Santa and Mrs Claus have completed hundreds of hours of research, schooling and training to provide you with a believable experience. 

**Our Santa and Mrs Claus are warm, patient, and oh so jolly! 

**Trained Professionals! Our Santa and Mrs Claus are professionally trained performers, studied at the Santa Claus Conservatory, member of the Mystic Order of Traditional Santas

A Note from Santa and Mrs. Claus:

We believe in the magic of Christmas deeply in our hearts, and we make every effort possible to instill that magic into the hearts of all who encounter us. We truly believe that being Santa and Mrs Claus is so much more than donning a red suit and beard or a festive dress.... it comes with a huge, important responsibility. It has the capability of making or breaking a child's belief in Christmas magic forever. That's why we go to great lengths and painstaking efforts to create the most magical experience possible, from the extra details in our wardrobe to our knowledge of the history of Santa Claus, to all of our elaborate tricks and clever little features. We pride ourselves in being "the real deal." Meeting Santa should be an experience, a memory... not a red velvet conveyor belt. We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of all we meet, to bring joy to the hearts of children, and sometimes, to help provide a little extra hope in the most delicate situations. Thank you for that opportunity. 

-Santa and Mrs. Claus



Santa Claus Oath

I will seek knowledge to be well versed in the mysteries of bringing Christmas cheer and good will to all the people that I encounter in my journeys and travels.

I shall be dedicated to hearing the secret dreams of both children and adults.

I understand that the true and only gift I can give, as Santa, is myself.

I acknowledge that some of the requests I will hear will be difficult and sad. I know in these difficulties there lies an opportunity to bring a spirit of warmth, understanding and compassion.

I know the "real reason for the season" and know that I am blessed to be able to be a part of it.

I realize that I belong to a brotherhood and will be supportive, honest and show fellowship to my peers.

I promise to use "my" powers to create happiness, spread love and make fantasies come to life in the true and sincere tradition of the Santa Claus Legend.

I pledge myself to these principles as a descendant of St. Nicholas the gift giver of Myra.

                                                                                                                                                     -Phillip L. Wenz

All words, contents, images, and descriptions of the Santa Claus Oath including the Santa Claus Oath Crest are copyrighted under an attachment with Arcadia Publishing by Phillip L. Wenz. ISBN # 978-0-7385-4149-5 and LCCC # 2007925452 -

All rights reserved. Please see

Santa and Mrs. Claus of North Pole Syracuse - A division of The Face Paint Lady, proudly recited, signed and mailed the Santa Claus Oath as required on October 17, 2019 

Get On Santa's Schedule

Ready to book your magical holiday experience?

Fill out the booking form, and our North Pole Communications Team will reply to your shortly! Holly jolly! Please read our Tips and Advice for Santa Visits below!

Tips and Advice if Santa is Visiting Your Home


Santa will text you once he is 5 minutes from your location. In the event of a delay or emergency Santa needs to be able to call you! Please make sure to provide a good phone number for the day of the event, and have that phone on you, charged, and with the ringer and text volume on, and please never answer the phone on speakerphone.


We recommend choosing a festive, well lit area that provides a lovely background for photos. Near the Christmas tree, wreath or fireplace look beautiful in photos.

PLEASE remember a lit fireplace will likely be too hot for Santa's heavy suit. 

A sturdy chair with no arms, such as a dining room chair, is recommended. If Mrs. Claus is attending, please remember a chair for her too. Chairs are not needed for elves. 

It is wise to leave space behind the chair for standing or group photos. 

Gift Distribution: 

If Santa is distributing gifts, all gifts should fit inside a 35 gallon trash bag and hidden in a previously arranged area away from children such as front porch, garage, etc. Santa will transfer the gifts to his special Santa Sack before entering. If there are more gifts, please let us know so special arrangements can be made.

All gifts should be clearly labeled. We recommend writing the name directly on the paper with black marker, as tags have a tendency to fall off. 

PLEASE make sure every child attending has a gift and that gifts are of comparable value to avoid hurt feelings.


Remember to charge cameras and phones before your event! Check that you have a memory card and extra battery if needed.

While we all love the classic pose of a child on Santa's knee, we have found that some of the best and most cherished photos are the ones taken candidly.  Snap away with abandon as your child interacts and makes wonderful memories with Santa and Mrs Claus. In photography class they taught us that 1 in every 10 photos is a keeper. Take as many as you can, you can always delete the bad ones later!


Please help Santa keep that magic alive AND help him stay on schedule. If children are watching Santa leave through the window for more than a few moments, it could be more difficult for him to make a clean getaway. 

Any balance due to Santa should be made discretely, not in front of the children. We feel this would spoil the magic.  Some families like to put the payment in a Christmas card for Santa, some like to send a check ahead of time, some like to simply slip the payment to Santa or Mrs Claus on the way out the door. Just let us know what is best for you. Please do not leave money in mailboxes or outdoors. 

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